The Algarve Line

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This simple and practical patio canopy provides a solar shading roof with rotating louvre blades. These extruded aluminum louvre blades rotate up to 150°, thereby enabling you to set solar shading and/or ventilation yourself at will.

The Camargue Line


These stylish patio canopies with a flat solar shading and water-resistant roof turns your patio into a pleasant year-round outdoor area. You can set the ideal natural lighting and ventilation in an instant using the simple control with its silent operation.

The Lagune Line


The best of both worlds - luxury and wellness on your terrace. Live outside in your our stylish and comfortable space year round. Completely open or close your terrace roof featuring innovative translucent screens with a single push of a button.



We absolutely love our new shades! T&M Shading is always very responsive and they did an excellent job during the installing process.



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